She strikes the audience with her dignified demeanor. She preceded her footsteps sincerely from ‘Keba Apon Keba Por’, ‘Joto Dure Jai’, ‘Kon Kanoner Phool’, Chhobi Shudhu Chhobi Noy’, ‘Itikatha’, ‘Nokkhotrer Rat’, ‘Chhoto Chhoto Dew’ to ‘Noyon’, “Prerona’,’ Protidin Ekti Golap’, ‘Flat 69 Love Lane’, ‘Tomay Dilam Prithibi’. She is none other than Shomi Kaiser.
Her mother did not want that Shomi would come in the tinsel world. But Shomi started acting in Atiqul Haque Chowdhury’s ‘Keba Apon Keba Por’ in 1989. Then in ‘Joto Dure Jai’ written by Imdadul Haque Milon, and after that she did not look back. She joined in Dhaka Theatre in 1992.
Her first movie was ‘The name of The River’ directed by Anup Sing, in 1986. Though it was released four years later. Not only acting but also in drawing and painting she got prizes. In the film Lalon, based on the life of the legendary Baul singer Lalon Fakir and directed by Tanvir Mokammel , Shomi Kaiser portrayed the role of Pyarinnesa, Lalon’s adopted daughter. Raisul Islam Asad was her l supportive actor.
Hason Raja was another film that popularized Shomi to common cine-viewers as well as the critics. Shomi played the role of the vaishnav devotee, while Helal Khan appeared as Hason Raja.
Recently, she becomes selective. “Now I am busy in producing and modeling two commercial advertisements under my production house ‘Dhansiri’. Besides, I’m playing a key role in a drama to be specially telecast on 26th March on NTV. The story is written by Nasrin Jahan and the drama is directed by Naresh Bhuiyan”, she says.
Determination, professionalism and hard working brought Shomi to her present position of eminence. She makes any character lively with her proven versatility. No ego hassle has driven her out of the real life scene. She is one of the successful actresses of our time. Let’s discover Shomi from this exclusive chat.
Shomi, you have performed in TV, movies and theater. Which one do you prefer and why?
I like theater most. Because, it has a quick response, direct communication with audiences. It is challenging to work in theatre.
How do you pick up the roles?
It depends on story line, director and the character of my role.
Do rumours about you in media and outside embarrass and upset you?
I was upset in the past. But now I am used to it. If I see any such filthy article, I just refrain from reading it.
Are there any roles you played or things you have done professionally that pain you now considering that you would avoid those?
Yes I have done some roles, which I wished, I would not have done.
Focusing on her production house Dhansiri she said: I have a lot of dreams with it. We have done some good works from the house and have earned immense appreciations from various corners since its beginning 1997, as a liberation war based production house. We have done seven dramas about liberation war and four tele-films from it till 2001. But it was formally opened on 30th January, 2002. Now Dhansiri is a production house and ad agency.
What would you like to be if not an actress?
If I would not be an actress, I would be an architect.
About Lalon and Hason Raja: Lalon was a wonderful experience, something I always remember. I did a short role in Hason Raja. I liked it, too.
And more films?
Yeah, if I get better choice.
School and college: Holy Cross
B.Com from Lalmatia College and Masters in marketing from Dhaka University.
About her family: My father is martyred intellectual Shahidullah Kaiser and mother Panna Kaiser, is a lecturer, writer and ex M.P. My brother is Amitabh Kaiser. He is an engineer
Date of Birth : 15th January
Star sign: Capricorn
Height : 5′-2″
Actresses and actors : Gean Hackman, Robert Di Nero, Al Pacino Denzel Washington, Maryl Strip, Amitabh Bachchan, Nasiruddin Shah, Amir Khan, Smita Patil Sridevi, Kazol, Shabana Azmi, Golam Mostafa , Humayun Faridi
Beauty routine: Regular exercise, applying cream on hands and legs in night. I do facial once in a month in a beauty parlour named ‘Bliss’.
Marked characteristic: Friendliness
Fixations: If somebody calls me back when I go out to the home or going out with open hair in evening and when lizard calls.
Greatest achievement: People’s attention and love, compliment of seniors,
A must have accessory: Silver bangles.
Favourite hang out: My grand mother’s house in old Dhaka.
A style no-no: Tank top and mini skirt can’t go with me.
Your shopping haunts: Anokhee and Banglar Mela.
Motto: Need a peaceful life.
A beauty product you swear by: Meril Baby Lotion and Mac lipstick, perfume: Hugo Boss, Lancom and Eternity.
What do you like most about being such a successful actress?
Everything about it.
What do you like the least about acting? Gossip.
Favourite colour: Blue, black, red
Favourite dress: Sari
Favouite author; Shahidullah Kaiser, Sunil Ganguli, Rabindronath Tagore, Ernest Hemingway
Most appealing feature: Her eyes.
How do you unwind after a hard day’s work?
Sleep. When I have no work, I go to sleep.
And she knows it helps to stay fit: “I love to keep fit, so I go to gymnasium daily.”
Shomi appears very reserved in putting light on her personal life. She tied knot with an Indian ad maker Ringo in1999. They could not continue together long. There is a rumour that Shomi leans to someone of her favourite persons to be in a bond. But Shomi refrained from making any comment on the issue.
Shomi is still to attain her artistic perfection. She possesses, talent, devotion and commitment to her profession as a performance artist. She has to contribute more to satisfy her admirers.

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