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Packed Full of Fun

A whirlwind four-day Bangladesh Children festival was organized by Addhayan Shishu Foundation, in cooperation with Ministry of Women’s and Children Affairs and Bangladesh Shishu Academy. The Festival was held from 26th February to 1st March at Bangladesh-China Friendship Centre.
The festival offered a variety of activities for children and adults alike! The 2006 Children Festival is packed full of outstanding, educational entertainment for kids of all ages. The media partners were Rtv and The Daily Amar Desh.
Packed with music, theatre, dance, storytelling, puppetry, magic and much more, the Children Festival, 2006 embodies the buoyant spirit and endless curiosity of children all over the city. Remarkable performers from different school have provided a dazzling variety of cultural experiences for the children, teachers and families of the capital.
The Children Festival provides a unique opportunity for children and their families to experience the sights, sounds, and cuisine of distant places right in their own backyard. The rhythmic pounding of music, the tastes of exotic dishes, and different arts and crafts booths are featured along with continuous performances on the clowns, magicians, performers and animals.
Science project exhibition stalls, children film shows and attractions have great appeal for all ages. Along with dress design competition for children was held.
NCCF organized ‘Child parliament’. Abdullah Al Noman, Minister for Fish and Animal, Shammi Sher, MP, reputed educationist Halima Khatun and Dr. Enamul Huq, former IG and member of Law Commission were present to watch such type of different parliament, presented by children.
The focus of the Festival is to educate youth through lively entertainment, interactive displays and tangible experiments. On 28 th March, singers include Habib, Ferdaus Wahid, Sabina Yasmin and LRB band were performed. Outstanding performance by Bangladeshi children, traditional dance and magazine programme, performed by actor Tony Daes, Lux star Shanu, singers Andru Kishore and Shakila Jafar and band Miles enthralled the audience on 1st March, the finishing night.
Dr. M Osman Faruque, Minister for Education was chief guest at the concluding ceremony, while special guest was Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Satae Minister for Civil Aviation. Dr. Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman, Secretary of ministry and member of festival comprehension committee presided over the programme. Hossain Al Masum, vice chairman of festival committee and chairman of Addhayan Shishu Foundation also gave his speech.
The Festival was a showcase opportunity for little artists and schools to perform their work specifically targeted to children. It encourages the exchange of ideas and introduces children to different cultures. The Festival provides an opportunity for children to become directly involved in arts activities and presentations and is both educational and entertaining in its nature.
“Children are the audiences of the future. The festival is really exciting and what was great was to see all the happy faces leaving the theatre after one of the performances,” said Rumana Rashid, one audience during the festival.
Festival sponsors made this extraordinary festival possible. Festival committees organized different aspects of the festival and ensure its success. This festival offered outstanding and inspiring cultural experiences to young audiences in Dhaka. The whole festival was a dynamic, energetic days.


From 7th to 10th October, Molly Capita Centre at Gulshan decorated like a
fairyland. Capitaland presents Ramadan festival. The festival theme is
Arabian Nights. The rich colour with vibrant music of the Arabian peninsula
was reflected throughout the festival. This festival created an excellent
atmosphere with thrilling gifts and exciting events. People enjoyed
discounts with flagship stores of Ecstasy, Mayasir, New Jarwa House, Khan
Brothers, One Stop Mall, Crocodile, Lubnan Richman and GMG. Cosponsored by
HSBC Bank. Three big dolls(represent characters of Arabian Nights) are
hanging in front of the Molly Capita Centre.
Molly Capita Centre, which was inaugurated in an exotic and fashionable way
and is a new ultra modern shopping complex in Dhaka city. One Stop Mall,
Khan Brothers and Crocodile were opened their outlets at Molly Capita Centre
on 7th October, 2005 A grand opening of three shops were enthrall visitors
as well as customers.
The gala events of Arabian Nights include dance, music, refreshment, mehendi
festival, magic show and so on. On 7th October, there was Children’s Night,
where Ginni’s birthday (Special Character of Aladdin’s) and exclusive magic
show. Mehendi Festival followed by Kawaly/Gazal Night was on 8th October. At
the same day, live performance by Mostaq was also held. Old is Gold was the
theme of 9th October. Bangladeshi Folk and Indian Classical music and live
performance by Alam Ara Minu were the two programmes. The last day was 10th
October, when exclusive fashion show was held. Famous choreographer Luna and
DJ Prince with models live performance by Comedian Nukul Kumar charmed the
Covering a total of 2200 sq.feet area, of world renowned brand name in
clothing, suiting and sports ware ‘Crocodile’ was inaugurated at Molly
Capita Centre at 76, Gulshan Avenue. The exotic opening ceremony, Mr. Tanvir
Hossain, Brand Manager represented Crocodile on behalf of Crocodile licensee
and Crocodile International. Singapore, their Chief Mr. Md. Rafiqul Haque
was not present in the country. Crocodile Bangladesh assigned another
renowned company ‘Visiontec’ owned by Mr. Mirza M.Sazzad Hossain and Mr. Md
Rashed, as their (franchisee at Crocodile Gallery. Gulshan.
After the successful gallery opening and business in Anam Rangs Plaza, ARA
Centre. Mutalib Plaza, Bashundhara City. Crocodile Bangladesh is now
offering its extensive range of exclusive products at their latest outlet at
Molly Capita Centre. All Crocodile Brand Products arc available here,
starting from executive shirts ranging from Tk.800 to Tk.3500, trousers at
Tk.1500 to Tk. 3000, ties from Tk.1500 to Tk.2400 each. In sports ware
category, Polo Shirts arc available at the price of 500.00 to 3500.00 taka
T-Shirts from 350.00 to 550.00 taka cash. Leather products like shoes and
sports shoes are available at the price range of Tk.2000 to Tk.6,500.00 a
pair and undergarments are from 65.00 to 200.00 taka each. Other products
include calf-links priced in between Tk. 3500 to Tk. 5000 a pai and wallets,
key chain pouch, card holder from Tk. 250 to Tk. 12200 each. Even
handkerchiefs arc offered at a range of Tk.400.00 to 600.00 each box.
Crocodile is world known brand name for especially gent’s wear. But they arc
also offering some girlie items too. Which they would like their esteemed
clienteles to check out.
Crocodile has its history that dates back to 1947, which Dr. Tan Hian Tsin,
a Chinese migrant used a crocodile symbol on the apparel products to imply
and symbolize; strength, persistence and most importantly to be an easy
identification mark. Sin then it has more than 4000 boutique shops around
the world and more than 120 workers working day and night to keep its
reputation high.
Khan Brothers
Renowned Saree retailer Khan Brothers has opened their new store at the
elegant ‘Molly Capita Centre’ at 76 Gulshan Avenue-I. Khan Brothers a
well-known house for Bridal Sarees and Shewanis, has switched from their old
show room at Iqbal Tower to this spacious and more convenient store at Molly
Capita Centre. The inauguration ceremony was attended by eminent persons of
the elite class and was opened by Dr. Jibon Chowdhury, while accompanied by
the Proprietor of Khan Brothers Mr. Shamim Hossain Khan and Mrs Shamim Khan.
In the new store a multifarious range of ” items are available at a price
range suitable for both the upper class and middle class of the society.
Though Khan Brothers has its reputation for Bridal and exclusive sarees for
special occasions, but world famous brand items like Rado, Omega and Gucci
wrist watches and leather goods like Italian shoes and colorful executive
yet fashionable Ties are also available besides regular executive shirts,
trousers, salwar, kamiz, fatua, ladies hand bags, perfumes from brands like
Gucci, Calvin-Klien, Boss etc are also available. Crepe silk sarees are
available at a price range of Tk.1500 to Tk.5000, chiffon from Tk.5000 to
Tk.7000, special Chandini stiched sarees at Tk.15000 to Tk.75000.Special
bridal sarees are available at the Price of Tk.75000, special bridal
sherwanis are available at Tk.10000 to Tk.35000. Most of the leatherwear are
from Italy and Thailand, which includes ladies hand bags, sandals, shoes,
and wallets etc.
One Stop Mall
The shopping chain ‘One Stop Mall’ has opened their new store at the elegant
‘Molly Capita Centre’ at 76 Gulshan Avenue-I. ‘One Stop Mall’ a well known
house for chain shopping store and exclusive Bridal Sarees and Sherwanis,
has opened this new showroom and sales centre to this spacious and more
convenient store at Molly Capita Centre to meet the growing demands of their
clientele. The inauguration ceremony was attended by eminent persons of the
elite class and was opened by Major. [Retd] KamruL Islam, Honourable
Minister for the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare, while accompanied by the
Managing Director of ‘One Stop Mall’ Mr. Asad-UI-Amin and other high
officials and dignitaries. In the new store a multifarious range of items
are available at a price range suitable for both the upper class and middle
class of the society. Though ‘One Stop Mall’ has its reputation for Bridal
and exclusive Sarees for special occasions, but world famous brand items
like Max factors, Kanzo, Dior, Polo, Dunhill, *** Appeal, Yardley etc at
their cosmetics collection as well as famous Italian and Thai shoes and
leather wears for both ladies and Gents. Omega and Gucci wristwatches and
leather goods like Italian shoes and colorful executive yet fashionable Ties
are also available besides regular executive shirts, trousers, salwar,
kamiz, fatua, ladies hand bags, etc are also available. Bridal sarees are
available at a price range from Tk.12,000 to 1,25,000 and sherwanis from
Tk.10000 to 35000. Crepe Silk Sarees are available at a price range of
Tk.4500 to 8000, chiffon from Tk.5000 to 7000, special stitched sarees at
Tk.15000 to 75000. At the baby’s corner are available goods suitable for the
babies from a variety or items including dresses to wheel carts,
perambulators to toiletries. There are also exclusive ornaments, which are
trendy and fashionable in price range from Tk.300 to Tk.6000.
One Stop Mall is the first who introduced the mega shop concept in
Bangladesh. It was launched in 1996 with a vision to bring the world into
your reach. The 12,000 sq. ft. store is running in Rapa Plaza (3rd Floor),
Dhanmondi since 2000. Another outlet in MCC tower at Gulshan with
world-class brand and latest fashion trends under one roof.

To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, Harappa, the country’s largest pottery, terracotta and art ceramics manufacturer has organised a clay exhibition at the Drik Gallery. This exhibition, titled “Phirey Chol Matir Taney”, commenced on May 29 and will run till June 4 daily from 3:00pm till 8:00pm. The exhibition was inaugurated by Kaler Kantho editor Abed Khan on May 28.
The exhibition has on display various items of everyday use like cups and saucers, mugs jugs, glasses, flower pots, pickle and cookie containers, wall panels, tiles, fountains, light shades, crockery, masks, etc in eye-catching colours and patterns. They are available in different styles, designs and layouts. Their prices too are reasonable, considering the artwork, design and the hard work that goes into making these earthen items.
Price of the art on display ranges from Tk30 to Tk10, 000.
Gazing upon these gritty chunks of clay, one is left to wonder about their aesthetics. The exhibition boasts many masterpieces. Pottery as interior decoration can enhance the overall look of any home, as well as lending a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
Harappa’s work splendidly captures the essence and beauty of the seasons. They produce stunning, handcrafted pottery that is fully functional as well as decorative.
“It is our fourth exhibition. We’re trying to revive our traditional terracotta art and improvise its own style to elevate this medium of art to another dimension. There are several works that are experimentally done by integrating brass, wrought iron, cane and wood along with clay. Our showroom is situated in DCC Market, Gulshan#2”, said Rudro Naser, in-house designer and production director of Harappa.
Founded in 2006, six friends took the oath to save the traditional pottery industry of the country from extinction. Thus the journey of Harappa began. The design concept is based on imbuing a modern outlook on tradition with today’s techniques. It is adapted to a modern way of life and crafted with care for high quality.
“Aside from our own showroom, our products can also be found in local craft shops. The aim of Harappa is to conserve, protect, restore and develop this age old medium of arts. The artworks are put on sale during the exhibition and we also take orders and customised orders,” said Marketing Director Afsar Ahmed.
Pottery is perhaps the most primitive type of human invention. Artefacts related to pottery provide us a glimpse into our pre-historic past. The majority of archaeologists and anthropologists believe that examining pottery from different ages is the easiest way to estimate the evolution of the human mind.

On 27 May, 2011 Fiber’s kicked off its journey at Plaza AR, Dhanmondi. Azizul Hakim, renowned actor, was the chief guest and formally inaugurated the boutique. Mahtab Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, owner of the boutique was also present at the ceremony. It is the first outlet of Further More Enterprise, a well-known outfit designer and production company, in Bangladesh. Its aim is to deliver dresses according to customers’ requirement.
“I started this boutique to provide local customers international standard attires at affordable prices. Developed fabrics and innovative designs are the main attraction of the dresses. European style gets emphasised in all the cuts but it is suitable for the environment and climate of our country” said Chowdhury.
“Our target is to please our clientele with the quality of our local production. This is our first outlet and so we are in need of a cordial response from the clients’ side to inspire us to go forward,” he added.
Currently attires for three seasons — Summer, Spring and Winter — are available at the store. You can also choose some wonderful knitwear from this boutique.

As a kid, did you ever dream of macho cowboys of the wild West? Well, walk into the Western Grill and your childhood fantasy might just come to life. Its décor, ambience and pulse of soothing beats will mesmerize you. And so will the divine aroma of moth watering cuisine.
Western Grill has recently constructed a massive kid’s facility which provides endless activity for the pro-active youngster. Bring a smile to your kid’s face. Plenty of ways to have fun, burn off some excess energy, and to meet and play with other children their own age. During this time parents can either relax over a cup of coffee, have a good old Chicken Broast with fellow grown-ups.
A fast food shop with a kid’s play zone is a new trend in our country. Kid’s Dream Planet of Western Grill open during Ramzan(1st November,2004) and already a hip-hit hangout, is that kind of place.
Their aim is to provide both a fun experience (which is positive for the kids mental, physical and social development) but also, and of equal importance… a haven for the battle fatigued parents!
This play zone is an enclosed area, fully supervised, where parents can eat while the kids play. Though it is for children of 10 years old, two years babies can also play under parents’ supervision. Buy any two meals and get five coins free to play for your kids.
Types of things include Auto riders, racing car, helicopter, motorbike, ship, castle, ball pool, slide and swing. There is a very large space for the kids to run around on, and it all looks pretty safe. There is a wide seating area next to it, for parents to sit and drink coffee, eat snacks. The kids are easy to see from the seating area.
Let the kids play their interactive games, explore our soft play maze, and enjoy delicious meals. Their kids’ menu features yummy beef burger, coke and French fries (Tk.135). Another one is made of chicken nuggets, coke, bun and French fries (Tk.150). Every “Happy Kids’ Meal” includes a free toy of Spider Man, Bat Man, or other interesting one.
Kids Planet began as one person’s vision, Mr. Adel Karimullah, the owner of Western Grill. He bought these play items from Thailand and some of them from Singapore. According to him, “There is a little space for children in home. So, it is a refreshment for kids with meals. It is exclusively made for enjoyment of children.”
Today the playground is enjoyed by hundreds of children daily. Kid’s Dream Planet with their unique, patented twist and fold design which are a favorite of both children and parents alike.
That the Western Grill becomes a play paradise for the kids and an enjoyable haven for the parents. It is the place to shop for toys and chocolates, too. There is also the added bonus of watching children’s movies.
Don’t let them drive you mad… bring them to the Kids Dream Planet! The peak time is weekends and school holidays.
Western Grill
Kashba Centre(Ground floor)
Road#4, House#5/2, Dhanmondi R/A

Betel leaf(paan) and betel nut(supari) is the most popular stimulant of our country. Paan is very popular among local people. Paan is made up of green beetle leaves, paste of lime and a funny brown liquid and either tobacco or sweet essences as it depend on choice. People chew it and all the ingredients of paan make mouth red. You could see these paan shops every corner of the street.
Kona Reza’s shop, “Paan Supari” on Dhanmondi has catered to paan eaters since 2001 and has become a landmark for residents of the city. She has been running betel nut stands for more than three years, and says she was one of the first to set up at this location.
Now Paan Supari is opened another outlet at Gulshan#1(House# 10, Road#23). Illustrious novelist Rabeya Khatun inaugurated the new outlet. The shop’s interior is designed by Khalid Ahmed Khan. Faridur Reza Sagar, Managing Director of Channel-I, Zahir Uddin Mahmud Mamun, Director Impress Group, Mrs. Selima Ahmed of Nitol Group and Kona Reza, CEO of Paan Supari were present in the inaugural ceremony.
Pop a paan in and chew. The sweet juices burst in your mouth with a tantalizing mix of flavors and textures seduce you.
For authentic and mouth-watering taste, they use sachi paan leaves, chuna, gulkand, clove, cherry, flavored saunf, masala cherry, sugar, artificial sweetener, menthol, date, saffron, condiments, sada bahar, dilkush, white gold, Tan Sen, pistachio, cherry, rose katri, anis, raisin, coconut, chaman bahar, coriander powder, jiggery, permitted food colors, cardamom and different flavour in different proportion and in different varieties as ingredients.
There are at least 15 varieties of paan available at Paan Supari. You can get a paan supari(red and green), Bangla paan, paan Banarasi, paan Hydrabadi or paan afsana on the spot.
Mr. Abdul Kader, a resident of Banani and a regular at this shop, says, “My favourite is the Banarasi paan, which is delicious and non- habit forming.” This naturally flavoured paan just keeping its one crystal in mouth its freshness and flavour spread over whole mouth and feel good. It is perfect mouth freshener and digestive.
This is no ordinary paan shop— their establishment has been catering to the taste of celebrities for years now. But what is so special about Paan Supari’s paans, that attracts elite people? “Our paans are popular because we have always maintained a high standard. While other paanwallahs use cheap betel leaves, we still use the leaves that come from Maheshkhali. We never compromise on the quality of the ingredients,” says Kona Reza. “We also take care of our client’s likes and dislikes,” she adds.
They served paan in a unique fashion. The style adds to the taste. They also take orders for marriage parties and other occasions.
Blend of natural products with everlasting taste. No accumulation of betel nut after chewing and easy flow under throat and digested. Its tiny crystal can be easily chewed under tongue and its natural flavour and sweetener give great taste and joy to children.
The products are manufactured in a highly sophisticated plant with modern technology under utmost hygienic conditions retaining freshness, high nutritive value intact with processing.
Paan can be used as a mouth freshener after meals in executive meetings in lunch or in marriage ceremonies. Bangladesh’s favorite narcotic paan, appeal everyone from young to old. The shop is more concerned with the unsightly red splashes on sidewalks from the spat-out remains of the chewed nut. For this, their paan – you do not actually swallow the nut, only the juice – than they are about betel chewing’s health aspects.
A perfect location for the glass showcases from which the betel nut beauties peddle their wares. Their paan prices range from Tk.10 to Tk. 15. Staffs are responsive and quick whenever a customer approaches.

The Vintage Restaurant is in Dhanmondi, Mirpur Road; it has been there, with the same quality and value, since 1998. It has an unassuming main road frontage.
The decor is clean and modern and salubrious. About 150 persons can eat here at a time. The wide space is serene and simple with paintings on the walls, beautiful trees and aquarium just inside the front door.
The service is crisp and polite. They provide baby chairs for babies, which is comfortable for both parents and babies. The space induces a feeling of calm, a readiness to linger and a sense of well-being. They also provide outside catering.
The menu explains that Vintage Restaurant offers various cuisines from Indian to Thai and Chinese. After that, there are pages to go through as you make your decision, from appetizers and soup through poultry, seafood, beef, vegetables, and noodles and fried rice.
The sizzling fried rice (Tk.250) and prawn ball platter (Tk.180) is delicious and hot with a very palatable and zesty flavor. The chicken reshmi kebab (Tk.195) is prepared properly, loose and attractive.
You can get some really awesome seafood dishes here for a very reasonable price. Try their Pla Tod Priew Wan (Whole pomfret with sweet and sour sauce) for Tk.190 and Pla Pad Nam Prig Phao (fish with chilly onion) for Tk.200.
They have already introduced a musical programme named “Vintage Tone” on every Thursday nights (7:00P.M.-10:00P.M.) for their valued guests to enjoy their dinner with live programme, performed by solo or band musician.
The place is full of people, who appear to be regulars who know the staff well. Some have come for parties. Credit cards are accepted.
Vintage Restaurant
Dhanmondi Mirpur Road

Beautifully renovated and brimming with modern charm, this restaurant is truly a sweet place to dine. It was established in 1998 with the vision to add specialty in the food habit of the people of the country. Sweetmax is a sister concern of the Yunusco Group.
While the ambience is tranquil, the menu is more than lively, with sweet, baklava, bakery, pastry, confectionaries, bread, salad, soup, fast food, meal, dosa, wrap, roll, sandwich, submarine, beverage, desert prepared with an exquisite flair. All served at your table with gracious hospitality.
Start your meal with Chicken saslik with fried rice and French fries(Tk.145) or Crumb fried chicken with French fries and soft drink(Tk.125), Pepper butter masala dosa(Tk.130), Chicken Teriyaki with cheese and mushrooms(Tk.165) or Fried rice, sweet-sour prawn, chicken with chilli and vegetable (Tk.177).
Later on, enjoy baklava(Tk.500-800). It is a Europe-Middle Eastern pastry delicacy introduced first time in Bangladesh by Sweetmax. Baklava is made at their factory by a team of European chef.
They have over 200 varieties of misti/sweets, other bakery items and ice creams. A yummy array of sweet treats include malai roll at Tk.270 (per Kg), kheer mohan at Tk. 280(per Kg), rosh malai at Tk.250 (per Kg), black forest at Tk.600 (per Kg), orange cake at Tk.500(per Kg), chocolate éclair at Tk.40, brownies at Tk.40, strawberry mouse at Tk.40, pistachio cookies at Tk.250 (per Kg), banana toast at Tk. 45 (400 gm), etc.
Also try Prawn pasta salad(Tk.160), beef wrap (Tk.70), paneer egg roll(Tk.105) with slush(Tk.30) or seasonal fruit juice(Tk.60).
Sweetmax symbolises quality and aristocracy. They take orders for special ceremonies like wedding, birthday, etc. It has five outlets, three of them are in Chittagong and in Dhaka (Banani and Dhanmondi). So come on by for a refreshing treat.

Girls’ Paradise

Shoppers winding their way through the sensory overload of this urban retail institution may not get beyond its stupefying array of adorable this-and-that and scented every things and discover the General Store.
What do you get when you mix cosmetics and skin care with a hip, minimalist and futuristic shopping experience? You get Almas! This is truly a beauty experience for makeup junkies!
They have all the classy items (fragrances, cosmetics, makeup) and famous brands, but they also have the food range all of them more affordable than in usual general stores. All the famous houses are here: Channel, Paco Rabanne, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, Estée Lauder,Shiseido, Cover Girl, Neutrogena, Revlon, Clinique, Lancôme, Clarins, Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, Nina Ricci, Armani, L’oreal, and so on. Colognes, perfumes, eau de toilettes(Tk.250-6000), you name it, they’ve got it.
Step in for funky imitation jewelry, semi-precious earrings, necklaces, anklets, etc. The range is vast. The store is full of unique cosmetics and crafted items. There are baby care items, ladies shawl(Tk.700-1850) and lots of whimsical showpieces(Tk.350-2400) and many other things. The best buy, however is the cosmetics.
With prime location of Fatima Orchid, Dhanmondi#5, it offers easy shopping in a neatly defined space. Almas General Store opened its doors in 1990, and its popularity has been growing steadily ever since. It is owned by Khondoker Sirazuddin Masud.
The prices are, if not cheap, at least reasonable, and often less than in other stores.
They sell everything you could possible want for health and beauty under one roof. The makeup aisle is full of all the best brands. Which give you a great quality and range for the best price you will ever get. If it is something glittery in makeup or accessories you are looking for check out the their range, which includes makeup, glitter, body sprays, clips and bath stuff. There is a huge range of stuff for the nails including nail art which is becoming very popular. You can get any shampoo(Tk.150-850), conditioner, hairspray, hair colour, creams and cleansers here.
As one of a salesman, Mr. Swapan explains, “We try to do the nicer things. Where else can you walk in and buy an ultra-hip things? Everything in our store is foreign branded. This is really a unique store.”
The first few rows of the store are devoted to cosmetics, face and body care, perfumes. Small vials of fruity fragrances (vanilla, strawberry, banana, etc). With a full array of shimmer(Tk.250-550), lipstick and lip gloss, (Tk.85-1250), eyeliner, eyeshadows and mascara(Tk.50-1650) coming in a variety of forms and shades, and everything your heart can desire. Bath salts, bubble bath, soaps, shower gel, moisturizing lotion, essential oils, massage oils in a cheerful rainbow of colours, a pleasure to the eye and a girl’s paradise. This is complete with a whole display of makeup accessories, all in black or white or silver, from makeup brushes to nail clippers and tweezers, hair accessories and tools.
Each piece of skin care products are quite reasonable in price compared to other upscale lines. Prices on lotion range from Tk.150-3500 depending on the product, like a face mask or scrub, it would sell from Tk.120-2200.
In addition to the skin care, Almas offers an assorted mix of nail polish(Tk.50-450), foundation(Tk.100-2250), false eyelashes(Tk.70-90), etc. You can also get nice chic ladies bags (Tk.500-1200), women’s sandal and shoe(Tk.500-1200) and men’s wear(Tk.1200-5000)at a good price.
Staffs are knowledgeable, honest, and give good advice. Almas has four other branches in Gulshan, Rapa Plaza and Dhanmondi#8/A.

Beads have been a fascinating method for embellishing fashion since ancient cultures sought personal adornment. They carry strong symbolic significance. Archeologists find terra-cotta and carved stone figurines painted with pendants and multi-strand belts, which were beaded ornaments.
The twentieth century has seen some of the most innovative, colorful, and wonderful uses for beading as an enhancement in apparel, and, recently, beads have come into fashion as never before. Both vintage and recent costume are desirable as much, if not more, for their beading as for the overall design. An irrepressible desire to beads is now a fashion trend. Get all beady eyed at the new fashion accessory in Dhaka.
Visit the fabric store and pick up your desired delicate beads. There are some sprawling stores on the Chandni Chawk Market, where one can choose from a wide selection of beads and accessories to create personalised designs.
The dazzling spread of beads, smooth rounds and ovals, irregularly shaped or cylindrical, single or multi-coloured, from India, Pakistan and China is enough to keep one spoilt for choice of Bangladeshis.
These shops offer latest techniques in bead designing and with thousands of beads. Bead prices range from Tk 10 to Tk.25 and varieties include handmade as well as machine-made glass beads, polyester, plastic, silver and gold leaf and ceramic beads, and even bead of pearl and coral. Tools, threads and clasps are on sale.
According to a salesman of a comprehensive bead outlet, “People are now tend to beads. But unfortunately, all these beads come from foreign countries. Bangladesh should feel the importance of this accessory.”
The age-old art of beading has the advantage of combining tradition with innovation. The possibilities with beads are endless‚ earrings, bracelets, pendants anklets and armbands to hair accessories to home decor, prayer beads or purses – beads can beautify everything.
Beads are one of the most popular materials for needlework. They have a mysterious shine, clearness of lines and unlimited opportunities of creative search. Women wear this for decoration. They love embroidered beads onto their clothing.
Beaded fringe is the garnish of the moment. Unlike the dresses where the dangling beads are spaced wider apart, hair clips, cushions, pillows, lamps, flower tub also be attached with the obvious and subtle applications of beads that strike a pleasing balance.
In various shapes and in a variety of colors: striking color to earthy tones these sophisticated beads look glittering and brighter.
The tiny, colorful and glittering beads spellbound audience. Along with all things nostalgic, those beads are making a comeback.
If you window shop at the fashion jewelry stores in any mall, you are going to see beaded jewelry. When purchasing all of your unique beaded jewelry, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of choices you have. Fancy jewelers sell beads made of precious metals for hundreds of taka. A bead-studded sari costs from Tk. 4,000 to Tk. 25,000.While street vendors in most major shopping centres sell beaded jewelry (bangles and earrings) for just Tk.20 to Tk.40.
Given that beads are multi-occasional and can work with anything from formal dress to jeans, they represent an opportunity for several classes of trade, including mass. Beads are hitting their stride at mass right now.
The trend which first hit upmarket in crystal into the mass market using less costly materials. Already widely placed, this first generation of power beads has the potential for renewal. On the high end, precious crystal beads already are trickling down and should see a timely translation at mass.
Beads are offered in an amazingly wide selection, creating a fun and never-ending opportunity to design great jewelry made suitable for men, women, and children. The beaded accessories are so hot right now, store owners can hardly keep them on the shelves.
Not only are the conservative designs moving, but there is a big demand for unique beaded jewelry as well. With the huge variety of beads available on the market, you can compose by yourself some stunning pieces of unique beaded jewelry. The effort in making them was more important than the rock itself. The lavishly world of sparkling beads will delight anyone in the field of fashion.